Take a look at what’s inside Expanding the Tent

Expanding the Tent – Opening column

The election of President Donald Trump sees millions of newly undefined voters looking to be involved.  Reince Priebus explained while still chair of the RNC; “the GOP is a tent growing to include spectrums of conservatism”.  The information in this book will arm all as to how to advocate and see success even in a simple ballot initiative, defining oneself, adding to the growth of this diverse tent in preparation of seeing major issues on 2018 and 2020 ballots.

Chapter One – Civics Education Initiative

Passed by state legislators in almost every state it has been introduced. With appeal to forge bipartisan alliances; to see the graduation requirement of high school students pass the US Customs and Immigration Services test; 100 basic questions about civics and government in the population they are a part. The entire nation has been witness to the current debate by an uneducated electorate regarding the Electoral College — Civics education needed more than ever.

Chapter Two – Responsible Budgets Act

Public Pension Liabilities nationally are underfunded nearly $5.6 trillion. The future holds tax increases, slashed services in public safety and education and governmental bankruptcies; unless states focus on this time bomb. One step in cleaning up this mess. Is via a state constitution that limits state government growth to inflation, population growth, and taxpayer revenue. Additional available funds will be mandated to state pensions by 80%. This act is not a Silver Bullet but by forcing a public vote, it forces clarity of the problem and requires voters and elected officials to start fixing the problem. This includes taking away their own pensions.

Chapter Three – Personal Right-to-Try

An idea simple and brilliant. The FDA’s approval process for new treatments and drugs is slow to the point people are dying. Work here to create a state law allowing dying patients to use drugs not yet approved; but have passed the 1st phase of FDA approval (there are three); and dare the Federal government to stop it.

Chapter Four – Save Our Secret Ballot

“Card Check”, gives Big Labor in union elections the chance to gather signed cards of employees, rather than secret ballots. Save Our Secret Ballot, via state constitutional amendment, ensures all voters, including union members, a right to secret ballot. If Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats, by secret ballot, can have leadership elections; shouldn’t all voters have the privilege!

Chapter Five – Open-Online-Government Access Act

Transparency — first principle for government to serve the public; without it, is little accountability in proper use of tax dollars. The internet now offers a tremendous advocacy tool in which seven pillars of the act can be accessed. Louis D. Brandels, paraphrased has said; “sunlight, the best of disinfectants; electric light, most efficient policeman. The most important political office, that of the private citizen”.

Chapter Six – Twice a Teacher

No doubt the perfect ballot, initiative, or legislative action to advocate in 2018. A free market solution that would allow no state, district, or school administrator to make more than twice the average salary of teachers under them.

Chapter Seven – The 60% Solution

To see school districts nationwide raising teacher salaries, boosting spending in the classroom and do it with no tax increase, but instead to take monies there and cut back on administration, and support services and waste. The proof of the 60 percent formula has been done, and shows improved student achievement does not come with the amount of money spent per child, but is the percentage spent in the classroom.

Chapter Eight – Defund Terrorism/Iran

Advocacy to prevent harm to Americans at home and abroad by working to place state constitutional amendments in 2018 will be necessary because of the Iran Nuclear deal. Paragraph 25 actually requires the US Government to use “all available authorities” to get 30 states and countless cities to rescind Terrorism Divestiture laws.

Chapter Nine – Too Much Regulation Impeding Small Business

On its own government tends to expand; especially among state agencies with employees who without a hearing or otherwise might write volumes of regulations, that typically involve small business. Such was the case in Idaho, until 2016 citizens passed a constitutional amendment which makes sure regulators themselves are regulated. At present, Idaho is one of the few states with this authority. Read the steps Idaho took, that can and should be duplicated.

Chapter Ten – Right to Earn a Living

Many have forgotten the American Dream is to be your own boss, and the nation’s GNP is made up with 80 percent small business. Yet, as new entrepreneurs try to enter the recovering economy; many are finding state occupational licensing can come with stringent education requirements expense and is time-consuming. More often than not too, it is low and middle-income whom are hit hardest. Nevada, Arkansas, and Idaho have already proven this burden can be removed; read how it can be done.

Chapter Eleven – The Use of Sunset Provisions to get Government off Free Enterprise

When spring comes around most do a bit of cleaning and choose items that have outlasted any usefulness and get rid of them, retire to be nice. Not the case with government. In government Republicans have prided themselves on small government; yet, without advocacy watching closely when laws, programs, or agencies are created a Sunset provision is not attached. Leaving years later, terms such as, “But it states here that…”