Expanding the Tent is based on a simple premise: conservatives not only need to be thought leaders, but doers.

Stagnation is death – ask Democrats.

Talk is cheap and people are seeking and demanding concrete results. They are sick of paralysis and nothing being done to make their communities and America stronger. Do you think Donald Trump was elected by some whim of fancy?

When conservatives have success on the policy level that effects people’s lives, our voting bloc and coalition will grow. The conservative tent will expand.

In order to maintain and expand upon conservative’s recent electoral successes, we must be pushing a common sense agenda that benefits the populace long term and makes their communities, states and our country stronger and more secure.

If concerned citizens take the common sense ideas in Expanding the Tent – or draft and design their own policy initiatives – and see them through; start to finish, a new generation of conservative leaders and voters will align with our movement. As Ryan Talbot said, “stagnation is self-abdication”.

The modern conservative movement was built on the ideas and principles articulated by Barry Goldwater, William Buckley, Ronald Reagan and others. We are asking you to become those thought leaders today. However, let’s not just talk and release White Papers, let’s get our policies into law.

Together we can build a vibrant and expanding conservative movement; one that engenders trust from voters and our policy successes with their inherent common sense solutions, along with generating deserved respect.

So join us in expanding the conservative coalition and together, let’s protect our great country and communities; so our children and grandchildren have a better tomorrow ahead of them.